German Riesling

Karl Joh. Molitor 2012, Rheingan, Hattenheim …$35
George Albrect Schneider, Rottiegenden, Neirsteiner …$42
Dr. Heyden 2012, Rheinhessen, Sacktrager …$40
Paul Anheuser 2011, Nahe, Konigsfels …$36
Dr. Thanisch (375ml) 2011, Mosel, Berncasteler …$45
Bollig-Lehnert 2011, Mosel, Piersporter …$42

Wines are arranged driest to sweetest, although none are sweet enough to be desert wines. They should simply be paired with denser foods as you go down the list.

German Wines

Blue River, Dr Willkomms, Riesling …$22
Urban (Qualitatswein) …$24
Guntrum, Kabinett (from the Scheurebe grape) …$24
Dr. Hermann (Qualitatswein) …$30

Kabinett and Spatlese are two of the five grades designating the sugar content of the best German wines or Qualitatswein mi Pradikatt (Quality wine with distinction).

Spatlese (late-picking) wine is slightly sweeter than Kabinett and perhaps more flavorful.

Sparkling Wine

Korbel Brut, Sonoma “Brut” 187ml …$12
Korbel Brut, Russain River Valley …$28
Freixenet, Cordon Negro, Spain …$32
Villa Sandi, Prosecco, Italy …$35
Domain Chandon, Blanc De Noires, Napa Valley …$42

French Wines

rouge (red) :
Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine du Vieux Lazaret …$68

Literally “new Chateau of the Pope,” which was the manor/fortress wine-lover Pope Clement V built near these vineyards during the Holy See’s “Babylonian Captivity” in Avignon in the 14th c. (It was “new” because Pope Clement had first owned a vineyard-estate, now called Château Pape-Clément, when he was archbishop of Bordeaux.) A bold blend of several grape varieties of the Côtes du Rhône, principally Grenache.

blanc (white) :
Pouilly-Fuissé Joseph Drouhin …$68

the famous chardonnay of the Mâconnais region of Burgundy named after the twin towns near the vineyards