2 men installing solar panels on roof

Generate Your Own Solar Power With The Proper Roof

Solar panels can offer great energy and money-saving opportunities for several homeowners, allowing them to generate their own energy.

Roof Set Solar Panels

Roof-set solar panels are a great way to produce free energy by utilizing all unused space–the top level of your house. Your roof is a great ground for the generation of solar energy: it’s wide, flat, and directly exposed to sun rays. Keep in mind though that not all roofing materials perform the same with solar panels. So how do you know which kind of roof will work best?

Here are 2 methods for generating your own solar energy with a Classic Metal Roof:

1. Mounted/Set solar panels. These conventional photovoltaic systems are applied adobe the metal shingles with steel brackets.

2. Integrated solar units. These are photovoltaic systems of double function with shingles introduced strategically, replacing a few metal shingles.

Probably the most ideal choice, for now, is mounted panels, however, integrated solar units demonstrate plenty of future potential.

Mounted solar systems are more compatible with metal roofs for plenty of reasons, especially longevity and durability. A solar panel can yield energy for approx. 20 years which is significantly shorter than that of metal shingle roofs but higher than concrete shingle roofs. Once the panels on a single metal shingle roof need replacement, the roof will remain unaffected without requiring a shingle switch.

Attaching and fastening the solar panels to the rub of a raised seam roofing may ruin the seam and expose a weak spot. To make matters worse, detaching solar panels with a raised seam roof equals the full replacement of the slope beneath the panel. Hence, we suggest using our metal shingles in place of a standing seam roofing for solar installations.

Going for a metal shingle roof provides more than a great surface for solar energy production. A solid quality metal roof offered by “Classic Metal Roofing” has the following properties:


Our metal shingle roofs last many years more than concrete shingles which means that there is no fussy re-roofing work necessary. A fixed roof facilitates maintenance and replacement tasks. By holding up itself against harsh weather conditions e.g. storms, heavy winds, your solar panels will be protected and you’ll reap the fruits of your investment in the long-run.

Energy Efficiency

Producing solar energy significantly decreases your demand for conventional electric energy and solid metal roofs go even further by trimming down power costs to as high as 20%. A metal roofing structure utilizes all three types of heat circulation around your home to keep it cooler and optimize its power efficiency. The heat emitted from the sun rays mirrors the special layer that comes with every Classic Metal Roof, while conductive heat circulates between the attic level and the roof and convective heat dissipates through air circulation.

Good Looks

Classic Metal Roofs come in a wide range of colors and patterns e.g. tile, wooden shake, slate. Their beautiful exterior is amplified by the right set-up offered by our seasoned roofing experts to our satisfied customers. Your neighbors will notice your new polished roof and get jealous.

If you plan to generate solar energy currently or in the future, we can give you a helping hand. Designed to be compatible with solar panels for a long-lasting effect, you may decide to have your roof prepared for solar power, leaving some space for the solar panels to be mounted later while reaping the several perks of your brand new roofing.