Why Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are Great

Standing or raising seam metal roofs are among the highest-quality roofing options you can get for your house. Metal standing roofs are renowned for their excellent shielding capacity and long life span, all offered in a viable and cost-efficient set. So what is a standing seam roof and what value does it offer to your home’s structure? We are about to discuss everything you need to know about this reputable roofing system and its benefits.

What is A Raised Seam Metal Roof?

A standing-raised seam metal roof includes a flat metal panel that expands from the roof’s reef to the rims linked to the remaining panels with solid closures. The raised seam is usually 1-2” above the panel and its role is to hide the closures. The seam also shields the link among the panels from environmental elements better than a typical metal roofing. Additionally, it enables the drainage of water and thermal circulation and keeps waste accumulation e.g from leaves or wooden sticks, under control.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Perks

A standing seam metal roof offers a layer of protection against weather elements such as heavy rainfall, storms, winds, or snow. There are several advantages of a standing seam metal roof for your house–longevity, durability and long-term value are among the top.

Sustainable Power

If you are looking for a highly sustainable roofing choice, standing seam metal roofs are a great choice. They are usually fabricated from 95% recycled aluminum bits and once your roof has passed its lifespan and needs to be replaced, the material can be recycled fully afterward.

Metal roofs of this type also yield higher energy savings compared to other roofing forms. They keep the temperature cooler during the hot season by directing sun rays away from your home’s exterior. On the contrary, tar roofs tend to accumulate more heat throughout the year, which makes your home warmer during the cold season, however, it may limit the performance of your A.C during the hot summer season.

Easy Maintenance

Metal seam roofs require far less maintenance work compared to conventional tar roofs. The structure of the roofing bed gathers less debris and waste than conventional roofing systems. When they require some clean-up, all the accumulated debris can be easily washed away with water and soap. If you don’t want to risk doing the clean-up yourself, it’s best to hire an expert roofer to do the job to prevent any potential cracks or deterioration to your roof.

Advanced Durability

Metal seam roofs are famous for their highly shielding properties and durability. They may hold up to 70 years before they need to be changed, making their lifespan up to 3X higher than that of tar shingle roofs. They are also highly resistant to heavy winds and so you don’t need to bother with fixing the damage or getting new shingles every time the wind blows up. Even in case of a tree branch cracking and falling on its surface, it most probably won’t cause any major damage e.g holes. A dent may occur in some cases but the problem will be visual only. In the end, your roof’s structure will be protected and will keep on guarding your house and your residents.

Lifelong Value

Standing seam metal roofs are increasing in popularity because of the increasing value of oil, which likewise leads to an increase in the cost of tar shingles. When homeowners do a comparison of the prices of materials, work, and maintenance scope between the various roofing types, they realize the true value that a metal roof can offer to their home.

Metal roofs have longer lifespans compared to tar shingle roofs and thus offer greater long-term value. Additionally, a solid metal roof can raise your house’s value and the maintenance costs are visibly lower compared to conventional asphalt roofs. Despite needing a higher original investment, the long-term value and protection that a metal roof offers to your home will eventually pay itself off.